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How it Works

- Download a Take a Minute in a Chair™ video file from a secure site for your staff - Video is interactive and allows selections for any of the five core wellness exercises - Workers can select one or more exercises at a time on their work station computer to feel re-energized

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It's Proven

- A Marketing Research Survey confirms that Take a Minute in a Chair™ impacts what counts! - It is proven that it increases productivity and uplifts work’s mood. - It contributes to a better feeling about work in general, without creating the self-consciousness of some other exercise programs.

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For Your Business

- It’s proven, Take a Minute in a Chair™ promotes greater energy and focus. - It benefits employers and their workers. - It’s an effective solution to the debilitating effects from chair bound work. - An easy fit in the work day because the worker does each exercise in their own chair and it only takes a minute!

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Johnny Five
HR Manager

My company loved Take a Minute so much we bought 1,000 copies! It has far exceeded our expectations and our employees feel great.

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Chair-Bound Work-Survey




This research put hard data behind the hundreds of stories of personal experience told by those who suffer from doing sedentary work. Here are a few.


“I start to get very lethargic and bored, and I can feel myself start to get sleepy as well. I start thinking about how unhealthy it truly is to be sitting in a cubicle space for 8 hours a day. My feet and legs start to get the tingly sensation that they’ve fallen asleep, and my neck is the worst part.”
“I start to get kind of sore, and I start to kind of lose focus when I have to sit still. I also tend to get really fidgety which is probably distracting to other people as well as me.”
“Ache in my legs. I start getting off track and wanting to do other stuff like play games on the computer instead of doing my work.”
“If I had been sitting for 2 or 3 hours in the same place without taking a break or moving I would feel uncomfortable. It makes your mind wonder around when your body starts to feel achy. Its better to take a physical break than a mental one.”